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About Subland

SUBLAND, a club dedicated to bassdriven music, established 2011 in the old transformer plant at Wiesenweg 5 in Berlin - Lichtenberg.

This was one of the few remaining underground locations in Berlin. Situated between the three stations of Nöldnerplatz, Frankfurter Allee, Ostkreuz..Easy to reach.

As the name implies, Subland combined subculture and bassdriven music in a unique atmosphere.
This was Berlins only location offering the darker electronic sounds on a regular basis and showing the variations of electronic music.

Genres such as Drum and Bass, Techno, Dubstep, Crossbreed, Hardcore, Breakcore, Industrial and Experimental sounds where presented to the Berlin scene and all those, who came from abrought.
Various Events like, Dub Der Guten Hoffnung, Drone, Hell Drop, Deathrave, Gabber Noir, Collapsed Reality, Surgical, just to name a few, found their homebase at Subland.

One of the annual highlights was the Subland Birthday Party (April 12th) where things just went crazy. Not to forget the legendary Burn The Machine Festival, lasting over 3 days and nights, offering a high level of performing DJ's and live acts, surrounded by workshops, food, decoration and the traditional setting the robot on fire. Burn The Machine attracted an international crowd, who shared the love of music presented in a very special way. There are no words to describe the atmosphere on that first November weekend.

Another aspect and great reason to spend the time at Subland was the friendly staff and awesome crowd you found there.
It instantly felt like home. And for sure you had no problem making friends.

Last but not least, the sound system of the Bulgarian company Clear Sound provided the right amount of pressure to massage your body and soul. Nobody will forget the red beast from the east! If you have been at Subland, you remember the moment when you walked in! Priceless! A one of a kind sound & bass experience. No words can describe, you has to experience to understand!

Subland was much more than just a venue, it was more like a home for many guests and also many national and international artists.

We remember this as an incredible venue with awesome nights, awesome artists and an awesome crowd! Thank you for the wonderful time we'll never forget. Special thanks goes to Dean Rodell for all the effort, energy and creativity he has put into this project. Thanks to all artists, thank's to all staff and thank's to all guests that made Subland to what it was!

Be prepared for upcoming events in several genres...

We'll see you on the dance floor....

 12435 Berlin / Subland@gmx.de